Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Well Child B Girl 5 has a little friend over Girl 1 She's a perfectly nice little girl. But I still get nervous when she's here due to memories from her first play date. I just placed an order for pizza because well .... OK I'll be totally honest .... I'm tired and cranky and not in the mood to cook. I also ordered fried calamari - deep fried squid for you non-Italian folks - because well I like gross stuff like that.
Pizza Parlor
While we wait I have the girls, Child B Girl 6 included, downstairs coloring in T-shirts that I prepped with their choice of Iron-on Designs from a book I bought, oh gosh at least 7 or 8 years ago and it's still going strong.
Anyway: Child B chose a pair of unicorns Unicorn our guest chose a mermaid Mermaid and Child B chose a piano keyboard design with some floating notes KeyboardI have a large collection of fabric markers which range from brights to pastels to metallic so they are all happily scribbling away and very very quiet.
Ahhhhhhh quiet
I am a huge fan of the "make-it-ourself" T-shirt process. Not only is it a creative activity, but it is relatively cheap (the markers can be pricey but they do last quite a while), it keeps children occupied, and when you buy cheap Tshirts at a craft store for $2-3 each its a cheap way to expand their wardrobe. Most kids will happily wear a T-shirt that they made themselves. __________________________________ I was overwhelmed with the amount of traffic and comments that my recent Thursday Thirteen post received. So many of you were very very kind with your comments and I wish I could tell you that it was widely exaggerated. Maybe next week I'll post 13 reasons why I keep the job in spite of it being as bad as it is on so many days. At least to give a balanced view.
And remember the next time a telemarketer calls Telephone .... they might just work in a place as bad as mine --- so pity them, don't be mean LOL
__________________________________ Hubby and I had to bite the bullet and cash out a CD in order to keep us afloat while we continue to keep a rental property with no tenant in it. With all the repairs, and upgrades we are doing it will be at least another couple of months before we have anyone in there paying rent again. I still can't believe that our old tenant screwed us over so badly. And that whole story is a post for another day. Allow me to say that between the unpaid rent and the damages not covered by her security deposit she probably "owes" us $15000.00 Money that I will never ever see. And we were so damn nice to her and understanding when rent payments were late or short. In the end she just completely took advantage of our large hearts. As far as I'm concerned she deserves whatever karma winds up dishing out to her.
Rain Cloud
__________________________________ Back to the topic of cheap clothes .... Dollar Smiley
I took Child A to Fashion Bug the other day because -- due to some weight gain and some bodily changes from the puberty monster -- she's outgrowing clothes faster than I can buy them lately
Highlights of my purchases:
  • a $99 suede jacket for $8 ---- yes $8!!!!!
  • a $25 pair of "Happy Bunny" sweatpants for $4
  • 2 tops for Child B, so she wouldn't feel left out - also only $4 each
  • this helps make up for the jeans, that even on clearance were $15-$30 each but then, a girl must look cool at all times apparently
Speaking of which. My daughter is 11 and in 5th grade. Not high school!!!
She has already had to deal with girls who look down on her for not wearing specific brands of clothing.
I was talking about this with the woman who did her nails the other day when she got her "I'm a young woman now" first mani-pedi. She was telling me how by middle school a lot of the girls that come to the salon have COACH and Louis Vuitton purses, etc.
Now we live in a nice area. Not ritzy! Not specifically affluent! Though we do have some area developments of those monstrosity homes. I'm sure you've seen them too.
My daughter was a bit upset about some of the teasing. Especially because she told me SHE LIKES HER CLOTHES. Kudos to me, I may shop clearance racks as much as possible but I am not without taste.
I told her that if SHE likes her outfits and other girls don't that she should tell them to BUG OFF.
And told her to commit to memory the phrase:
Those who matter ---- won't mind
And those who mind? DON'T MATTER
I mean is it me?
Do adolescents really need to spend $100 on a pair of jeans THEY WILL OUTGROW?
Do they really need a pocketbook that is equal to a week's salary?
Don't get me wrong. We spend money on things we don't need. But I do try and put our purchases where we will get the most use or enjoyment out of them.
I would rather spend $50 on a video game or on books or art supplies than on a pair of jeans that won't even last a whole school year
On the bright side -- the weekend is here. Though I am thinking about going in to work on Sunday. I don't want to, but I should ... for the money! Even if I do, I still have a glorious day off tomorrow. Huzzah!
Oh Sweet Goddess!!! Send us some brighter days ahead